Only one step remains: writing great English to accomplish your goals.

Businesses, governments and educators require executives, I.T. workers, managers, students, journalists and others to compose error-free documents. This is a challenge because English is laden with rules, subtlety and contradictions. Accordingly, many writers make innocent blunders with the result being diminution of reputations and results -- without even knowing it. 

Go ahead, test yourself on a current popular writing mistake concerning the difference in meaning between "complement" and "compliment." Look up each word and you'll be surprised. Moreover, as you read advertisements, notice how often corporate copy writers mistakenly use "complimentary" instead of "complementary." Makes one wonder about their other documents!

WordCraft Associates offers cost-effective solutions for all written, printable or electronic matter. You, your company or your institution will have clearly-written, mistake-free documents. We edit book manuscripts, advertising copy, manuals, speeches, reports, business plans, Web sites, stock market reports, board minutes, economic reports, theses and dissertations.

Send us your documents from around the world written in your (or your translator's) best English, and we’ll do the rest.


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